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100Ah 12V AGM Heavy Duty Deep Cycle Battery

Extra Heavy Duty

Order 100 AH 12V Deep Cycle Battery

100ah Heavy Duty Battery

12V 100Ah Deep Cycle Battery

Full 1 Year Warranty

Solar, Wind and High-Cycle Power Storage

Don’t pay retail of $580.00. Buy direct – only $299.

Designed Battery Service Life is 10 years.

The extra heavy duty Prostar 12V 100Ah AGM Deep Cycle Batteries are ideal for power storage requirements from solar systems and wind generation systems, and any other application where frequent cycling is required, such as caravan, RV, 4WD, golf carts, wheelchairs,  telecommunications, UPS and maritime applications, to name a few.

100ah deep cycle battery

100ah deep cycle battery. Click to enlarge

Fully sealed and maintenance-free.

Built tough for the Tough Jobs!

Main Features include:

  • Brand new – sealed in the box
  • Designed battery service life 10 years
  • Stable quality and reliability
  • Designed for frequent cyclic discharge

    12v 100ah battery

    12v 100ah battery. Click to enlarge

  • Sealed construction (SLA)
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Heavy duty grids (plates)
  • Low internal resistance
  • Stainless steel attachment bolts & washers
  • This Prostar Solar battery is manufactured to CE and ISO9001 certification standards.
  • Ironhorse full 1 year warranty
  • Ironhorse full 14-day money back, no questions asked return policy


100ah Battery

100ah 12v deep cycle batteries


Freight for 100Ah deep cycle battery

100ah 12v deep cycle battery

100ah 12v deep cycle battery

Comes with our *1 year warranty & *14-day money-back guarantee

Investment for 100Ah Deep Cycle Battery: $299  pick-up price

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About Prostar AGM Batteries:

AGM batteries use ‘Absorbed Glass Mats’ between the lead plates, therefore having the advantages of GEL batteries, but being able to take more abuse. They are sealed, nonspillable, maintenance-free and valve-regulated. AGM batteries will not leak acid if they are broken.

Order 100 AH 12V Deep Cycle Battery

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